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New Adult Romance fiction is one of the hottest genres right now, and I love it!

These books are primarily centered around college-aged characters between the ages of 18 through 25, with heroines and heroes learning to deal with life in their early twenties while attending college, with extra yummy emphasis on romance. A great place to find reads in this amazingly popular genre is to visit NA Alley.

I decided to take a break from writing paranormal romance and urban fantasy, and now my awesome readers, I'm happy to announce that my New Adult romance novel, BEAUTIFULLY DAMAGED is only $3.99! 

It has been a struggle to write in a different genre, but also challenging and fun. And I'm proud and happy with the final result, and I know you guys will enjoy reading about Serena and Cole's epic love story. 

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Serena DuPont is a horrible liar. Even though, she knows it’s wrong to lie about her past, she can’t seem to resist the impulse. 

After transferring to a new college her sophomore year, Serena just wants to pledge a sorority, stay focused on her classes, and never fall in love again. Been there, done that, and she has the pulverized heart to prove it.

Tell that to Cole Prescott, the incredibly gorgeous complication that threatens to crush her newfound resolve. Keeping him in the “friend zone” won’t be easy, especially when the sizzling chemistry between them is so damn combustible. 

Except that’s not Serena’s biggest problem...

While pledging Zeta Beta, her life gets flipped horribly upside down by a series of ominous threats, nasty rumors, and even blackmail. Unless Serena can stop her lying lifestyle and prove her innocence to that ultra-saucy sorority, she risks losing the future she’s fought so hard to rebuild.

But hey, no one ever said college and boys were gonna be easy…


On a hot morning for mid-September, Vanessa and I stepped through the arched doorway and into the only class we shared. The room felt like walking into an igloo. The frosty air washed over me, causing goosebumps to explode all over my skin. I shivered in my pink cashmere Loro Piana cardigan. 

I had a bad feeling that the air conditioner had been deliberately set to high, so we wouldn’t be able to snooze through the lecture.

My eyes scanned the ten rows. I spotted the Zeta Beta trio in the last row. Claire read a battered paperback, while Brooklyn studied her face in a compact mirror, and Jade scribbled in a notebook. 

One look at them told me all I needed to know about those three girls. Jade was the type who instantly won over professors, only wore designer labels, and lead the sorority with an iron fist. Claire was the brainy, overachiever brunette vixen, and could ruin anyone’s life in a major way if they crossed her. Brooklyn was their loveable sidekick, a naive party girl, who stole boyfriends’ hearts and was regarded as the “it girl” of the Bay Area.

Vanessa caught my stare, then leaned over and whispered, “Have you seen Brooklyn’s Instagram? It’s, like, all selfies, random poems, and cats that aren’t even hers.”

I softly laughed. “Micro-blogging is becoming huge, I guess. You got an account?”

“Duh. All pics of my favorite celebs—it’s so awesome!”

Cole Prescott slipped into the room just as the professor closed the doors. My stomach did awkward somersaults. Everyone’s head lifted to stare at the late comer. 

Standing near the first row with Vanessa, I checked the seats. I spotted two empty ones in the second row between a girl texting on her phone and a guy slumped in his seat reading a manga.

Cole took a seat in the back row near the Zeta Beta girls, where one of his buddies gave him a fist bump. Aviator sunglasses hid his eyes. For a second, Cole and Claire exchanged a strange look that I couldn’t decipher. 

The professor strolled briskly to the front of the classroom. I waited for Cole to remove the glasses and when he did, his gaze found mine. My body felt like it had been struck by lightning. Hair rising on my arms. Electric shocks dancing over my skin. 

A slow smile crept across his face. I didn’t return that grin. I bet he was used to every member of the female race melting into a puddle of lust at his feet. And that would not be me.

Distracted and still frozen in place, a classmate shouldered past me, taking a seat in the row that I’d been blocking. “Move your ass,” the guy said.

Vanessa yanked on my sleeve and I plopped down in the nearest seat beside my roommate. 

Near the lectern stood the professor, who resembled a withered Rip Van Winkle. That’s why it was so cold. The professor had tenure, and he was obviously doing some form of cryogenics to preserve himself. He gripped the sides of the lectern and cleared his throat. Everyone hushed and faced forward. 

“I am Professor Fleming and this is Introduction to Popular Culture Studies. This semester we will be covering…”

I pulled out a spiral notebook from my messenger bag and took notes. I fought the urge to turn around and glance at Cole. But I could feel those brown eyes burning into me. While listening to the lecture, I doodled roses with sharp thorns dripping blood in the margins of my notebook. The invention of the multi-colored pen would be my downfall. If I thought Vanessa liked the sound of her own voice, she’d met her match with stuffy, long-winded Professor Fleming.

My mind kept wandering back to Cole sitting behind me. I hadn’t dated anyone in about seven months, and Cole was the first guy in a long time to get my hormones surging. I wasn’t sure if it was a curious interest or a major case of lust. But this wasn’t a Disney movie, and Cole Prescott was no Prince Charming, and I certainly wasn’t Snow White. Unless she was a compulsive liar, too.

It would be safer to stay focused on my studies. Drop all these lustful reactions like a bad habit. Become a nun. Pronto. Today. ASAP.

Pulling out a blank piece of paper, I outlined a stretch of Cole’s profile from memory. Unconsciously, I shaded the contours of his handsome face and darkened the strands of the messy hair sweeping his forehead. I was so caught up in my drawing that I flinched when Professor Fleming slammed closed a book on the desk. 

The professor turned from the chalkboard, stepped up to the lectern, and tilted the microphone toward him. “That about wraps it up, folks.”

Vanessa leaned over my shoulder to inspect my depiction of Cole and nodded. “You’re really talented. Except you forgot to include the pierced eyebrow.”

I turned and glanced up at Cole. He was staring right at me. He was slouched in his seat, one foot casually propped on his other thigh. Our gazes connected, and his expression changed from impassive to downright curious. I snapped around, my face flaming. Crumbling the sketch and shoving my books into my bag, I shot out of my seat and hurried to the door.

“Blondie! Wait up,” Cole called.

My stomach dipped like it did those seconds before a roller coaster plummeted.

“I’ll catch up with you later, Vanessa,” I said, picking up my pace and dodging students like a quarterback with the ball. 

My hand hit the door and the exhilaration of freedom hit me. But Cole somehow caught up with me. Crap. Neither of us spoke until we stepped outside. Emerging from the door into the crisp fall air, I drew in a deep breath.

“How’ve you been? Making friends?” he asked.

I turned my head to look at him. “Good. And I’ve made a few…but you seem quite popular.”

“Does my reputation precede me?”

“Appears so.” I turned down a path between the buildings and replaced my expression with my ice queen fa├žade, hoping he wouldn’t follow me.

He continued to walk beside me in the same direction.

I had to get rid of him. Now. “I’m headed this way—”

 “Me, too. What luck.”

“Not exactly,” I mumbled, then shot him a sideways glance. 

I picked up my pace, but Cole only matched my strides. This guy was not taking the hint. Like any animal on the prowl, it seemed he could sense overactive hormones. Cole was seductive, delicious, and also dangerous. Which meant he was potentially hazardous to my heart. And like with any decadent dessert, I had a bad feeling that once I started indulging in Cole, I’d be unable to stop.

 I glanced over at him. “I’ve noticed that you’re all about the casual hook up, huh?”

“I guess. Until I meet someone extraordinary who changes my life.” 

Was he working the broody-guy-looking-for-a-girl-to-rescue-him angle? 

I stopped and rolled my eyes. “Does that line actually work for you?” 

Cole laughed, then tilted his head as if studying me. “You’re tough. There’s nothing duller than a sense of morals, Miss DuPont. So whenever you’re ready to start breaking the rules—let me know.”

“That’ll never happen.” I spun around to leave.

 He gripped my elbow. “Wait.”

I turned around and sighed. “What?”

“I need to know if they’re any boyfriends waiting for you back home that I should know about.” 

“Hardly,” I said with a smile, then added, “Actually, my last boyfriend was a vampire, but we broke up. He was too old, slept all day, and basically sucked the life out of me.”

“Sounds like a keeper.” He chuckled. “And here I thought most women had all these kinky fantasies about bloodsuckers. And I can tell you from experience that most women love a bad-boy.”

I shrugged. “Well, then it’s a good thing I’m more into hot werewolves. Besides I doubt many college romances last, anyway.”

Cole nodded. “You never know, Serena.” 

“Trust me, I do.”

He frowned. “You’ve been burned?”

“More like scorched and turned to ash,” I admitted.

In a flash, the images from last spring seared my brain, the betrayal, the sorrow, the heartache. Then memories of my summer vacay spent wallowing in the looney bin made me want to break out in hives. Closing my eyes, I clutched my chest at the pain that struck my heart. 

Cole touched my arm and the present zoomed back into focus.

“Hey, Serena. You okay?”

I blinked. “Um, yeah. I’m fine. It’s just a little hot outside.”

“You sure?” he asked.

“Yup. All good. Sorry.”

“I didn’t mean to stir up bad memories.” 

“No. It’s cool.” I ran my fingers through my hair. If I started dating someone like Cole, he would just be a Band-Aid and my heart needed a major transplant. “I need to go.”

 “Until we meet again.” Cole gave me a slight bow.

“You just can’t turn the flirt off, can you?” I shook my head, but my mouth slightly lifted in the corners. 


Cole walked away, whistling a nameless tune. The cast iron shell that had formed around my heart since the devastating incident began to show signs of cracking whenever Cole was near me. I checked out his cute ass as he sauntered off, then I strolled toward my next class with a
defeated smile...

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